About CGED

Center of General Education


The Manarat International University, MIU authority introduced General Education (GED) courses at MIU from 2001 to fulfill the UGC’s requirements as well as to improve morality among the students who would be working in the different fields of the country. From the very beginning of MIU, GED courses were conducted under the Department of Business Administration. In June 23, 2015 with a special order of university authority The Center of General Education (CGED) started as a separate entity for the smooth functioning of the GED courses. The courses are mandatory for all the students who will get admitted in any department in the university.  The center is run by five young scholars having highest academic degrees, training at home and abroad. A Coordinator works as the head of the center. There are about twenty renowned adjunct faculty members from the public and private universities who teach in different departments at MIU.  The center along with selected course teachings for the students, arranges different seminars, symposiums, workshops, language teachings, conferences for the development of morality, peace, knowledge and skills to fulfill its mission and vision.


Vision of CEGED is to bring about positive changes in the learners aiming at ensuring, sustainable development and peace in the society, the country as well as the globe through moral education


CEGD commits to provide moral education through basic religious teachings, Bangladesh Studies, Comparative Social System and Peace and Conflict Studies along with language teachings having special focus on English and Arabic Language. The center arranges different seminars, training programs, discussion meetings for sustainable development, peace and moral development of the students.