Faculty Members

Centre of General Education  
Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad Assistant Professor, GED Coordinator, Center of General Education (CGED) BA Honours & MA in Islamic Studies, Dhaka University, MS in Peace Studies, UN University for Peace, Central America.  AKA 001
Dr. Abu Ayub Md. Ibrahim Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies  Picture AAI 001
Dr. Muhammad Obaidullah Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies PhD, Dept. of Usuluddin & Comparative Religion Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed knowledge & Human Science, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) MTIS (Masters) & BTIS (Honors), IUK (1st Class 1st, Faculty First & Prime Minister Gold Medalist) MA (Kamil) in Hadith (1st Class) & MA (Kamil) in Fiqh (1st Class 4th)  Obaid
Md. Abu Taleb Assistant Professor, GED (Environmental Studies) BSc., MSc. Dhaka University,  
Dr. Sabiha Sultana Assistant Professor, GED (Geography & Environment)  SS 001
    Adjunct Faculty Members:
S.N Name and Designation Abbreviation Institution Cell Number& E-mail
1 Dr. Abdul Quadir Professor AQ Rajshahi University 01914254595  
2 Dr. Shamsul Alam Professor SA University of Dhaka 01552454282 msalamdu@yahoo.com
3 Dr. Zubeyer Mohd Ehsan Associate professor ZE University of Dhaka 01711305846 ehsanh74@yahoo.com
4 Mr. Shafi Ullah Associate Professor SU University of Dhaka 0155-2424523 sofi.ullah69@gmail.com
5 Dr. Muhammad Yousuf Professor DMY University of Dhaka 01552331114 m_yousufdu76@yahoo.com
6 Mr. Mahbub Quisar Assistant Professor MKR-PT University of Dhaka 01718-126250 mquaisar2005@yahoo.com
7 Dr. Kazi Brakat Ali Assistant Professor KBA University  of Chittagong 01558329659 kbageo@yahoo.com
8 Dr. Mizanur Rahman Associate Professor MR  University of Dhaka 01913620149 jmizandu@yahoo.com
9 Md. Rafiqul Islam Assistant Professor RI University of  Dhaka 01712106925 rafiqdu81@yahoo.com
10 Dr. Nasima Hasan Associate Professor NB MIU 01671092745 nasima.hasan@gmail.com
11 Mr. Nazmul Haque Shiblu Senior Lecturer NHS MIU 01818777567 nhsdu@yahoo.com
12 Kutub Uddin Assistant Professor KU Bangladesh Open University 01711263785 utub_bou@yahoo.com
13 Mohammad Shaheen Associate Professor MSN King Saud University KSA 01711-262211 shaheen_nt@yahoo.com
14 Dr. Muhammad Omor Faruq Associate Professor MOF University of Dhaka Cell: +88 – 01108168998 omortdu@gmail.com
15 Dr. Iqbal Hoshain Professor DIH Islamic University, Kustia iqbaliu@gamil.com 01711-467299
16 Dr. Meer Monjur Mahmood DMMM Islamic University, Kustia monjur.nubd@gmail.com 01716-529735
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